Do you know what speed-dating is? Ask Wiki.
Anyway, we organize quite typical speed-dating events: 10 women, 10 men, 10 tables, a bar and 5 minutes of conversation one-to-one. Just like they do in movies.
So what's special about Randkuj Warszawo? Well:
  • Mostly our dates have a main topic - are dedicated to some particular group, for example bikers, travelers, book-levers, agnostics, etc...
  • You can win tickets for... something,
  • You get candies :),
  • If you don't like the event, we will give you your money back.

All participants know that someone who doesn't speak Polish may come, so don't worry.

If there is missing any information you would like to have (I know it is), just write me randkujwarszawo@gmail.com and ask.
Foreigners are very welcome and we will try to explain you everything.

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